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Volunteers and interns at the Library Foundation of Santa Monica believe that libraries are at the heart of community, culture, education, and democracy. Through volunteering or interning at the Library Foundation, you can help support the educational and cultural programs of the Santa Monica Public Libraries. 


Intern with the Library Foundation

Interns can acquire new skills and valuable experience working in an independent fundraising organization that is committed to enhancing the resources and services offered to the entire community of Santa Monica.

We ask that our interns are at least 18 years of age, and commit to at least one semester (for non-students, six months) of work with the Library Foundation. Weekly time commitments will vary, but volunteers should be available for a minimum of 10 hours per week, with a maximum of 24 hours. Internships are unpaid, but may be transferrable with course credit or community service requirements.


Volunteer at the Santa Monica Public Library

Volunteering at the Santa Monica Public Library connects you with the world of literacy, cultural diversity, and learning. Rewarding opportunities exist at the Mail Library and branch facilities. In all cases, excellent training is provided to ensure that your volunteer experience is both enjoyable and fruitful.




An endowment is an amount of money given to the Library Foundation of Santa Monica with a stipulation that the funds are to be retained and invested to generate annual earnings. The annual earnings can be directed to a restricted program of your choice.


Funding Opportunities

Endowments can be established with cash gifts or gifts of stock, or may be funded with a series of gifts made over time. They may also be funded through a bequest.



Minimum Endowments are established through a minimum gift of $50,000.


Individual Endowments

Endowed gifts provide a continued source of assistance to the Library Foundation and create a lasting legacy for the donor. Endowment funds are named at the donor’s request, whether in their names, in honor or in memory of a loved one.

Because the principal of the endowment is never spent, such a gift represents an enduring tribute to the person honored by the fund.




When you donate appreciated stock to the Library Foundation of Santa Monica, you can receive significant potential tax benefits. Gifts of stock may be transferred electronically to the Library Foundation securely and conveniently. Be sure to provide your contact information, the date of transfer, the name of the stock, how many shares you are donating and how this gift should be directed (unrestricted, adult literacy, etc.). This notification is needed to track the transaction and provide a tax-deductible receipt to you for your gift. Then, contact your broker to inform them that you would like to make a gift of stock to the Library Foundation.

For tax purposes, your gift will be valued at the average price (the mean between the highest and lowest selling prices) of the stock on the date of the transfer. To receive credit for the current calendar/tax year, the electronic transfer from an account must be made no later than December 31.


Matching Gifts


Double—or even triple—your gift by donating through your employer’s matching gift program. Many employers sponsor matching gift programs for contributions made by employees—and sometimes retirees and spouses—to non-profit organizations.

If you are eligible to make a matching gift, please contact your employer for instructions and send your completed matching gift form to:

Library Foundation of Santa Monica PO Box 330 Santa Monica, CA 90401

If your employer uses an online matching gift site, please send your gift to us, and visit the company’s website to request that a matching gift be made.




A planned giving society that recognizes individuals who pledge to support the Library for generations to come by including the Library Foundation in their estate plans. There is no minimum gift to become a member of The bibliophiles - simply inform the Library that you have done one more more of the following: 

  • Named the Library Foundation as a beneficiary of a bequest through your will or living trust; 
  • Establish a charitable trust or charitable gift annuity to benefit the Library Foundation; 
  • Made a gift of real estate, life insurance, retirement plan, stock, or personal property. 


Types of planned gifts include:


Charitable bequests to the Library Foundation help us to fulfill our mission of inspiring lifelong learning, advancing knowledge, and strengthening our communities.

Including the Library Foundation in your estate plan is easy. If you already have a Will or Living Trust, you may add the Library as a beneficiary through a Codicil or trust amendment using the following language: “I give and bequeath [dollar amount or percentage of estate] to the Library Foundation of Santa Monica.” Bequests to the Library may include a specific dollar amount, percentage, or a gift of property, and are not subject to estate tax.

There are several ways to make a bequest to the Library. Consult with your attorney or other advisors to make sure that the bequest you choose makes sense as part of your overall estate plan.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

A Charitable Remainder Trust provides lifetime income to you and/or loved ones and significant tax advantages. You transfer assets (usually cash, securities or real estate) to a trustee of your choice through a formal trust agreement. If appreciated property is donated, no capital gains tax is due on the transfer, and your income tax deduction is based on the fair market value of the donated assets. Your trustee invests the trust assets and makes annual payments to you and/or a loved one, based on the payout rate chosen by you. At your death or at the termination of the trust, the principal is distributed to the Library. You may choose a fixed rate of income (Annuity Trust) or a variable rate of income.

You may wish for your planned gift to be unrestricted or restricted to a specific program area, like Adult Literacy Services, Children’s Programs, or Digitization. In addition, you may consider establishing a Named Endowed Fund that can be funded via current giving or through your estate gift.