A Library Foundation Membership is a commitment to our city and a pledge to future generations. Join a community of supporters who believe in and celebrate the principles all public libraries stand for: free and equal access to information and ideas that stimulate intellectual curiosity.

Membership comes with year-round benefits, including access to critically acclaimed programs that bring together today’s brightest thinkers, invitations to special events, discounts, and more.

Membership Levels

General membership


Library Associate

$50-250 Annually

Young Intelligentsia Society

Comprised of Angelenos in their 20s, 30s and 40s, the Young Intelligentsia Society will be the vanguard of the Library Foundation’s mission to raise awareness and support the Library Foundation of Santa Monica.

Membership in the Young Intelligentsia Society is also a passport to a variety of members-only cultural events and parties throughout the year featuring entrepreneurs, authors, actors, artists, and academics, from the world-renowned and award-winning to the up and coming.



$250 Annually


$500 annually


$1,250 annually



Avant-Garde Society


As core supporters of the Library Foundation, these members receive invitations throughout the year to exclusive author lunches, dinners, and receptions, which allow them the opportunity to engage in conversations with authors and discuss their work in an intimate setting.


Conservators Circle

$1,000 annually

Ambassadors Circle

$2,500 Annually

Director's Circle

$5,000 Annually

Presidential Circle

$10,000+ Annually