Civic engagement is a key element of our community that speaks not only to social belonging but also to a sense of power, voice and influence in the community. It is vital that we embrace our urban heritage and preserve what is important in order to seamlessly blend the past with the future.


The Library is a center for lifelong, experiential and technology-driven learning helping all Santa Monicans to flourish, especially people who live, work, and/or study here. The Library has always served as the “people’s university,” particularly for lifelong learners, older residents, and career pivoters.

The Library forms community partnerships and alliances to bolster collective impact, build community assets and inspire positive social change.

Santa Monica Public Library provides comfortable, engaging and beautiful spaces for people to read, relax, discover, learn, and participate in social and civic discourse. The Library acts as an anchor in the community, a third place separate from home and work. The Library team is adapting spaces, technology and services to be flexible and responsive to new trends and community needs.

Library staff and resources are extending beyond the walls of the Library facilities to meet people where they are. Community festivals, increased usage of mobile technology, pop-ups and outreach services are each playing a part. The Library is building a sense of discovery through place. Thoughtful arrangements of collections, merchandising space, and design elements are creating an enviable user experience. Ultimately, the Library, whether physical, digital or out in the community, is fueling learning, wellbeing and social connection.


Our Programs


A series of traditional holiday music, art and literature turned a bit on its head. Everyone can join in and contribute their fresh interpretation of holiday favorites for all to enjoy. LSFM will support materials, instructors and curation for adults and young people alike.

art exhibitions

Exhibitions from some of Santa Monica’s most inspiring and influential artists.

Community events for locals who want to learn more about what’s happening in the city that they live in – new initiatives, city programs and more!

  • How does Airbnb affect the community you live in?
  • What is the Wellbeing Index of Santa Monica?

santa monica civic talks


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